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The Basics To Get Started

We believe stronger communities lead to happier homes and happier clients. Let us know how the Giving Concept can help you.  This is a fully complimentary service.   It is that simple!  Keep in mind, to help you achieve your organizational or personal goal; to celebrate your Community event; or encourage greater participation by our Community, there are several things we think you might need to know.

Estimate The Impact


Our goal is to create maximum positive impact in Community.

Therefore, we want to know how our contribution impacts our Community. Specifically, we want to know how many students, classes, animals, or people benefit; how many items collected; how many animals saved; whatever the benefit is – we need an accounting of how Home Forward has impacted Community.

Therefore, we request an estimate of who and/or what benefits from any Home Forward contribution so we can measure our total impact in our Community.

Grow Your Influence


Our goal is for you to be successful. And, it is not just about money.  

We want to expand the circle of influence wherever possible.  To this end, we use your logo and name on our website or relevant promotional materials. We ask you forward the best and current version of your, logo, names, and websites.

Rest assured, our aim is for you to be successful.  Your organization always has the right to review and limit any use of your logo, etc. 

At No Cost To You!


You are building community. You are making our world better.   Our goal is to be cost-effective. So, how much does it cost?  

How Much Does it Cost?    

The Giving Concept is a collection of free services and opportunities we offer.  

Therefore, except for your own organizational costs, the Giving Concept is available for you at no cost.