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The reason Home Forward exists is to make substantive and constant improvement within and between Community. It is at the core of who we are. It reinforces our mission in life and in business. It is all part of a different approach to real estate that aspires to change what it means to be a real estate agent.

Join Us!

Central to Home Forward is helping organizations that are already doing great things: educating and protecting our Community members; creating enriching projects, programs, and events; helping those in need; or simply just doing good.  We invite you to join us!  Together – there may well be a way we can do great things.

How Can We Help?

The Home Forward Giving Concept serves several purposes. It allows us to set aside funds for donations. It allows us to offer our time and talent for volunteers. So how can we help your organization?
Maybe you seek funds for your organization.
Maybe you need help promoting your event or organization.
Maybe you seek volunteers for your organization.
Maybe you need items to be donated in-kind.
Maybe – you are not even sure, you just need help!

Home Forward finds and funds opportunities to create Community.

Home Forward finds and funds opportunities to create Community.

What We Offer


Home Forward donates 100% of the time.  Every time we help someone buy or sell a home, we donate a substantial portion of each commission earned to Community causes.  Read more

 In-Kind Donations

For some organizations, it is better to have items donated in-kind.  If appropriate, Home Forward can purchase and donate items to you as an in-kind donation.   Read more

 Web Space and Communication

Some organizations need a webpage or need a way to collect information.   Read more

 No-Cost Advertising Space

Some organizations need to better advertise or market their event, cause, or organization. Home Forward is proud to offer a unique program for our preferred Giving Partners – Complimentary advertising space.  Read more

 Volunteers and Committee Members

More than just donations, Home Forward lends its time and talent to causes we are passionate about.  If you need volunteers, we may be available to help.   Read more

 Guest Speaking

Maybe you need someone to speak to your class or group.  Read more

Ideas for the Giving Concept:

Below are sample ways, we use the Giving Concept to benefit Community. Perhaps, you see an opportunity for your organization to succeed here?

Contact us and let’s see what we can do together! Click on –>more<--‘ to see how we might be able to help.


The High School marching band was selected to compete in the Western Finals being held in Oakland. Read more

A Community group needs webspace to forward or collect information, sponsors, and participants. Read more

The Elementary School needs excercise balls for an afterschool wellness program. Read more

The Local Little League needs volunteers to provide a quality experience for the kids.Read more

A Community nonprofit organization needs board members to better succeed. Read more